Coach Jon Stanley Jon Stanley

Jon Stanley, Hawaii Junior Volleyball Club Director and Head Coach, is a 50-time All American and member of the USAV Hall of Fame ‘92. He attended the Olympics in 1968 and 1972 as a member of USA Olympic Team. Over the years Stanley trained and coached many players and teams, including military teams around the world, U.S. and foreign club teams, university division – women; men’s and women’s teams in the USVBA National competition and at the professional level. Stanley still competes in the USA Nationals and World Masters competitions. He currently coaches at Kaiser High School. His 2013 team placed 4th in Division I state competition.

Clay Stanley, a retired volleyball player, joins Hawaii Junior Volleyball Club as Director of Advanced Training. Stanley played in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Teams.  He’s a graduate from Henry J. Kaiser High School and the University of Hawaii. Learn more about Stanley by clicking on the links below.

Cory Kurihara

Coach Cory

Cory Kurihara has coached volleyball since the start of the Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club in 1994. She coached volleyball at Sacred Hearts Academy, Kaiser High School and Assets.  She played outside hitter on the volleyball team of Radford High School.

Neal Kasamoto

Coach Neal

Neal Kasamoto coached youth volleyball since 2007. He’s coached teams at Niu Valley Middle School, serves as assistant coach at Kaiser High School and coached volleyball clinics at the Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club. He conducts agility warm ups prior to each clinic. Kasamoto blogs about coaching.

James Saffery Jr.

Coach James

James Saffery, Jr. has coached at the Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club since 2006. He was a setter for the Air Force’s competitive volleyball team while stationed at Edwards Air Force Base.

Kay Kasamoto

Coach Kay

Kay Kasamoto joined the coaching staff at Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club in 2010. She now helps at the registration desk.

Andrei Soto

Coach Andrei

Andrei Soto has coached at the Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club since 2012.

Coach Stanton

Coach Stanton

Stanton Ashimine has coached at the Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club since 2014. He has assisted with Kaiser High School’s volleyball team for many years.


Riker Kasamoto

Riker Kasamoto joined the staff in 2020. He started as a participant in the program when he was 9 years old and continued as a student coach. He coached in club and school programs in Salem, Oregon before returning to Hawaii. He assists Jon Stanley with the Kaiser High School Junior Varsity Team.

Taeya Brown, Jon Stanley’s daughter and a registered nurse, started assisting with clinics in 2022. As with all the Stanley family, she has played volleyball for many years.

6 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hi!
    Are there tryouts?
    Is there an entry period in the year that new people can try this out?
    My daughter played 1 season for UH Lab Int 3 team.

  2. How do the clinics work? My son is 13 and never played volleyball but interested in playing for school.

  3. Lynn,
    Just show up at one of our clinics. Clinics are instructional and a good way to get exposure to volleyball before trying out for any school team.

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