Three Basic Steps to Volleyball Spiking


Jon Stanley teaches kids three important steps to spiking a volleyball in his Hawaii Jr. Volleyball clinics.

Step 1:  Approach – This includes the basic footwork for hitting.

Step 2:  Jump – The power of your jump can lead to the power of your spike. Stanley uses the aid of a trampoline to help kids get elevation out of their jumps.

Step 3:  Arm Swing – The correct arm swing leads to more powerful spikes and prevents injury down the line. Stanley takes time to help kids with their arm swings.



Aloha and Good Luck to Coach Riker



Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club bids Aloha to Riker Kasamoto.

The Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club bids farewell to Riker Kasamoto, who is off to college at Oregon State University. Kasamoto grew up with our volleyball program and became the starting setter of Kaiser High School boy’s varsity volleyball team as a freshman. He has coached for four years at Niu Valley Middle School and assisted in Hawaii Jr. Volleyball Club clinics since starting high school.